Conversion-First Web Design

Read my approach to helping OnStrategy create a website focused on converting the nearly 30,000 unique users a week from organic inbound traffic. 


How do you play with the big boys with nearly unlimited marketing budgets? You get strategic in going after users to create a long-term presence in a search market money can’t buy.

a big focus on inbound traffic

With nearly 28,000 inbound visitors every week, the primary focus for the organization was creating a site to convert the inbound traffic they receive. 

don't ruin the seo

OnStrategy is a big player in their space because of their presence in organic search. Any site redesign needs to consider the impact on organic search. 


A well-positioned organization and troves of value-added content made OnStrategy poised to perform well in organic search marketing.


defined user flows

Defining the best path for user conversion based on activity, search intent, and value for every visitor on the site.

Mobile Optimized Site

Google loves well-structured, optimized sites. Everything is tagged, optimized, and ready to be index and crawled by search engine bots.

thoughtful menu structures

Organizing a site with nearly 900 pages takes dedication and strategic thinking when structuring menus and sitemaps.

interactive design

Data has proved time and time again that interactive design outperforms flat graphics on the OnStrategy web site.


This is OnStrategy

See the fully-baked site design.