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Helping People Discover Products that Can Change their Lives

In a sea of choices, how do you make a product stand out? 

Creating targeted and differentiated go-to-market plans for B2B and B2C products isn’t just nice to have in a world filled with chaos and constant noise. It’s mandatory for success in the marketplace.

Here’s what I have in my toolkit to help organizations build and launch product go-to-market strategies that connect consumers with products that can change their lives.

Product Marketing Expertise

Reviewing external and internal data—both quantitative and qualitative—is vital to clearly understand the consumer and create targeted personas, including their wants, needs, and problems that can be uniquely solved by a product coming to market.

A product backed with a clear differentiation and value proposition is how good products become legendary products. 

Letting sales teams do what they do best by supporting them with the best-of-the-best materials for messaging, presentations, whitepapers, and clearly explaining differentiation and value. 

Creating a product marketing strategy requires understanding what your customers need and how your product best fits their needs— and then finding those customers through paid outbound tactics to tell your product story. 

I believe in the power of inbound lead nurturing and marketing to take leads from information-gathering to decision-making. 

Product Marketing Showcase

OnStrategy: Bringing a Competley Redesigned App to Market

See how I helped OnStrategy bring a completely redesigned application to market.

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